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Ten Reasons to Book Your Next Flight with Private Travel

Posted on 12 Mar 2011 in Travel Information | 0 comments

  1. Human Interaction. Talking with a real person is more intellectually engaging than finger tapping with a computer screen.
  2. One Stop Shop. Private Travel can check all commercial airlines quickly and efficiently to find what’s important to you whether it’s the lowest fare or first class lie-flat premium service between New York & LA. (Private Travel doesn’t make one penny from the airlines thus has no incentive to sell one airline over another.)
  3. Common Sense. Private Travel knows you would rather connect via Phoenix than Denver or Chicago in the dead of winter to avoid potential weather delays. Private Travel also knows you prefer non-stops over crazy connections when—for example—you are traveling with children. And—speaking of children—Private Travel knows you would rather depart at 10am than 6am (unless you love to get up in the middle of the night—and we know you don’t).
  4. Intuition. Private Travel knows you meant London, England and not London, Ontario. Unless of course you meant London, Ontario, in which case Private Travel knows that, too. Or at least Private Travel knows to ask for clarification.
  5. No Stress Connections. Do you need to connect your international overnight flight arriving at the international airport to a charter flight departing from the domestic airport and then figure out how to get to the right port to catch your cruise? No worries! Private Travel does this all the time complete with someone to meet, greet and help you every step of the way if you prefer.
  6. BFF. Private Travel, like a true friend, remembers important stuff like which frequent flier numbers work with which airlines, aisle not window, vegetarian instead of chicken or beef, and always puts you as close to the front as possible because someone once told you it’s safer than the middle or back of the plane. Private Travel truly is your best friend forever.
  7. Saved Seats. Private Travel will confirm your seats when you book your flight so mom, dad, junior and the twins can sit together instead of spread out across the entire airplane. Unless, of course, you don’t want to sit together. Private Travel can make that happen, too.
  8. SOS. Private Travel is accessible after hours in an emergency. Really accessible. As in if-necessary-someone-will-get-out-of-bed-and-fix-your-problem accessible. One call and Private Travel will help solve any travel dilemma (such as how to get around a gigantic volcanic ash cloud smack dab between you and your summer vacation) without forcing you to be on hold for hours. In fact, Private Travel doesn’t even have the capability to put you on hold. We’re that serious about helping you. Additional fees may apply if your problem is super complicated.
  9. Fickle Friendly. Private Travel can cancel and refund a ticket within 24 hrs of purchase for a $45 fee. That’s right. If you purchase a ticket Monday and change your mind Tuesday Private Travel will give you your money back if you call before the end of business (less the $45 ticketing fee & the $45 ticket cancellation fee). This is not a voucher but a true refund to your credit card. Woohoo! $45 is a lot less than a $150 airline change fee.
  10. No Second Chance. This is your [insert super important once-in-a-lifetime event here]. Do you really want to be stuck in the airport on hold with the airline because your flight was delayed/re-routed or worse? Isn’t happiness and peace of mind worth $45?

March 17 update: Still not convinced? Click here to learn how Private Travel helped a recent client rebook his flights and avert a major vacation disaster.

To have Private Travel book your next flight please send us an Air Request.

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